About Us

Nutri Solutions introduced Vision & Body Complete in 2017

Many Ophthalmologists and primary care providers with years of experience in the health care field have provided valuable feedback which has helped us to create the right nutritional supplement for your eyes and entire body. Years of research went into arriving at the best and most effective formulation we now offer. We constantly monitor ongoing national research studies to make changes in our formulation if the need arises.

Rather than taking individual vitamins for your eyes and other vitamins for the rest of your body, we have formulated the supplement which will provide you with essential nutrients for your entire body. Most importantly, the Vision & body complete formula contains an AREDS 2 based formula for your eyes. This is the most up to date recommendation by research studies on macular degeneration. All “eye vitamins” are not formulated the same. Many do not update their formulas based on clinical research studies. Take the guess work and risk of vitamin overdose out of your life by using an all in one supplement. In addition, all the ingredients in our products are sourced naturally with no harmful chemicals. Our vitamin is suitable for vegetarians and does not contain gelatin.

Our specialized team constantly strives to make sure you as a customer are satisfied. We provide great attention to the entire manufacturing process of ingredient selection, blending, processing, and packaging. Each of our processes makes sure that customers receive the best vitamins for their eye and body health.


All of our ingredients are locally sourced and packaged in America in sterile facilities that are FDA approved. We don’t use any far away unknown manufacturers with unknown facilities. Our team believes in keeping our customers informed and safe by using facilities we would trust for ourselves and our families.

Superior Quality Products

Our ingredients are sourced from verifiable and tested sources along the entire supply chain. Products are checked for quality and adherence to strict quality standards before they leave the facility and onto your doorstep.

Exceptional Customer Service

The ultimate goal of our endeavor is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We believe that this can only be achieved when we offer a seamless customer service experience for you and your healthcare providers.


We hope to spread awareness about the need to avoid excessive vitamin intake. Taking high doses of certain vitamins can actually be detrimental to your health. Avoid overdosing and guessing how much of any particular vitamin you need. Patients overdosing on vitamins is a serious concern for most physicians. Nutrisolutions offers the right solution for an individual’s needs.